Episode 22


Paladin and Ranger

February 23, 2020

While the party awaited the completion of their skyboat, Sir Typye was approached by a messenger from the town of Elliopsis where a giant was said to be preying on the people. Enlisting the aid of his new companion Ranger, the duo set off to investigate.

With the paladin on the back of Pegasus scouting from the sky and Ranger on the ground, they were able to locate the villains, though more by bad luck than observation. An arrow in the flank of Pegasus forced the flying steed to land in a clearing where he and Sir Typye faced a two-headed giant, or Ettin, along with three worgs and a goblin archer.

Sir Typye and Ranger fight the Ettin

Sir Typye and Pegasus were able to fend off the enemy until Ranger ran to their aid. The battle was a close call, with Ranger down to his last reserves, but the monsters were ultimately defeated. Amongst the Ettin’s meager treasure was a big, blocky iron key which Sir Typye believed was a relic of the ancient, previous Monastery of Ultimate Order. If so, the key might come in handy in their upcoming adventure to the Shattered Citadel.

Sir Typye and Ranger were celebrated as heroes of Elliopsis and were given their right reward of one thousand gold pieces, which they split evenly. Ranger carried on his country living, well-received everywhere he went on account of Scheff’s tales which had by now permeated the area surrounding Agvazetum. Meanwhile, Sir Typye flew off on Pegasus to deliver his half of the reward to his brothers and sisters at the Citadel of Saint Ivarr.

Episode 23: The Heroes of Mid-Spring