Episode 23


The Heroes of Mid-Spring

February 29, 2020

Day one of Mid-Spring Festival, a three-day event leading up to Mid-Spring Day, saw the return of Sir Typye to Agvazetum. The heroic paladin flew in on the back of Pegasus to land in a busy square, much to the wonder of the admiring crowd. He was met by Scheff, who spun the arrival into a PR event for the party, while Saria took advantage of the distraction to pick a few pockets.

With success after success, greed got the better of her but she got caught trying to steal from Plem Barlol, the messenger of Elliopsis who had hired Sir Typye and Ranger on behalf of Lord Stewrite mere days before. He naturally called out to Sir Typye to administer justice but the paladin instead distracted Plem, who was desperate for his help, so Saria could slip away.

According to Plem, Lord Stewrite of Elliopsis had not been himself lately, unrested from nightmare-plagued, sleepless nights and constantly moody and suspicious of the house staff. Then, just last night, Lady Merrigan awoke to find a vile Hag squatting on her husband’s chest. It vanished at her screams of terror which woke the whole household and set Plem on the road to find Sir Typye.

Sir Typye agreed to help, enlisting the aid of his newfound companions Scheff, Saria and Ranger. The combined charisma of the paladin and the bard overcame Plem’s sour opinion of the pick-pocket and they rode together for Elliopsis while Sir Typye flew over the countryside to find Ranger.

Re-united in Elliopsis, the party learned that Lord Stewrite had murdered his wife in bed the night before and was now in a deep state of shock. This reminded Scheff of stories he had heard about Night Hags who drive victims to madness and Evil before collecting their souls.

The heroes negotiated to let Sir Typye and Ranger watch over the catatonic Lord while he slept, in case the Night Hag returned. It was on Ranger’s shift, with an invisible Scheff backing him up, that Nanny Nox, the local Night Hag of half-forgotten folklore, showed up and attacked the seemingly solitary guardian.

Saria and Sir Typye were in the Great Hall beneath the Lord’s chamber and came running as fast as they could at the sound of battle upstairs. Nanny Nox vanished into the ethereal plane where she could escape the party’s attacks and still collect Lord Stewrite’s soul. Come the dawn, he was found to be dead.

Plem Barlol was dispatched to report the passing to the capital and the party decided to spend the day in Elliopsis, having not gotten a satisfactory rest the night before. Travel to Agvazetum would have to wait until the next day.

When they assembled for dinner after sleeping all day, the innkeeper told them about livestock at the Kamandil ranch being dragged off by a large panther. Despite the worsening weather that comes with evening, the heroes decided to investigate immediately.

At Kamandil ranch, the party was met by Masita Kamandil, wife of Joram, who had also disappeared while trying to round up the loose sheep. Eagle-eyed party members noticed something amiss in the bushes and, as Scheff peered closer, a Displacer Beast leapt at him. While Ranger ran to his aid, two Ogres emerged from the farmhouse under the cover of an unseen archer in the upper storey window.  Masita vanished from view and then Nanny Nox appeared out of nowhere on the back of a Nightmare, whose flaming hooves gouged into the flanks of poor Pegasus, driving him off.

The fight had the party divided across a multitude of foes who wore them down nearly to breaking point. The tide turned when Sir Typye slew Nanny Nox astride her hell-horse, which in turn was killed by Scheff. The enemy was defeated. Sadly, the Kamandils were found dead in their bed.

The adventurers made their way through the increasingly wind- and rain-swept countryside back to town and into the Misty Swan where Scheff reported their victory to a thrilled crowd. Ranger and Sir Typye were heroes twice-over and now the town had cause to celebrate Scheff and Saria as well. Together, the four would be known as the Heroes of Mid-Spring for their defeat of Nanny Nox on Mid-Spring Day.

The next day, Sir Typye, Scheff and Saria returned to Agvazetum while Ranger resumed his quiet country living. In three days, their flying ship would be ready.

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