Episode 24


Slay the Green Dragon

March 21, 2020

Days after the Adventure of the Heroes of Mid-Spring (Scheff’s smash hit account of the events), news broke of a dragon rampaging around the town of Tanzovi. Sir Typye, now a distinguished hero of the realm, was called to the adventure by King Gyzil himself who gave the knight a royal commission of ten thousand in gold and gems to slay the monster.

Sir Typye went to work forming his party when he heard that Zabrina was leaving to find other adventures on her own. The news was so depressing to Saria that she sat out Sir Typye’s quest. The remainder of the adventuring group joined him in Tanzovi late the day after, reaching it by horseback instead of their newly minted skyboat, which remained docked until their return.

On the outskirts of town, the party confronted a gang of bugbears who were minions of the dragon sent to extract treasure and human sacrifices. The monsters simply left in the face of superior foes, so the party tracked them to an encampment of goblins and ogres and a fight broke out which went very badly for the villains.

Only the chief bugbear survived to flee, but the party wasn’t going to let him get away and they tracked him well past sunset and into the stormy night. Shuni’s hunting dog Bonbon was able to follow the scent to a small pyramid where the rest of the bugbears and ogres were to be found and fought.

Green Dragon versus Barbarian and Paladin

As combat got underway, the bad guys were joined by their boss, Garzomel the Green Dragon, who attacked the party with vicious ferocity. Nevertheless, the heroes prevailed and cut off his head to bring back to town the next day after the storms blew over.

Episode 25: The Dragon’s Lair