Episode 26


Night of the Hags

May 16, 2020

The day of celebrations for the victory of the Heroes of Mid-Spring over Garzomel the Green Dragon was only just working into the afternoon when word of new troubles arrived. The Baron of Patruzo was suffering the same sort of nightly visitations that Lord Stewrite of Elliopsis endured before his demise. The townsfolk feared another Night Hag was at work and turned to the heroes who vanquished the last one to do the same again.

Sir Typye rose to the occasion, assembling the Heroes of Mid-Spring to gear up and head for Patruzo the next day, arriving by afternoon in the fortified town on the banks of the Bedzareem River. Like Stewrite, the Baron was catatonic and despondent and, that night, Sir Typye once again stood watch over the sleeping noble, with the rest of the party nearby.

As the nightly storms were raging outside, the steward of Castle Patruzo rushed in to beg Sir Typye’s help in stopping the kidnapping of children by a team of goblins. The guards had all been drugged and the gatemen killed, with access to the bridge across the river wide open for the monsters to get away.

Scheff and Ranger ran downstairs to investigate while Sir Typye remained at his post, with Shuni and Bonbon staying with him. When the dog scented an invisible presence leaving the bedchamber and heading upstairs, he pursued with his barbarian master while Tharius cast Leomund’s Tiny Hut over the sleeping Baron and took over personal watch, freeing Sir Typye to vanquish Evil.

At the top of the castle, Shuni and Bonbon came face to face with a new Night Hag whose talons nearly killed the dog. Sir Typye rushed in to fight the crone, driving her out onto the terrace where Shuni rushed to join the attack and was met by the hag’s flame-hoofed Nightmare, lying in wait. After the battle was clearly not going in their favour, the hag and her steed vanished completely – even Sir Typye’s Divine Sense could not detect the fiends.

Meanwhile, Scheff and Ranger had reached the bridge where they saw three goblins struggling with small children which they gleefully pitched over into the raging torrent to spite the heroes. Without a second thought, the duo jumped into the river to save them, Ranger quickly grabbing one boy and getting him back to shore while Scheff and his rescue were swept downriver a good distance before they could get out.

In that time, Ranger dove back in looking for the third child, hearing cries for help from the other side of the river. Climbing out and lighting a torch, he searched until he found the source of the cries: it was the Night Hag, imitating a crying child perfectly to lure him into a trap and Ranger found himself surrounded by a host of skeleton warriors and the Nightmare blocking his way back to the bridge!

Across the river, Scheff had brought the two surviving children together and sent them running back to the castle while he dove into the raging river to swim across and help his friend. At the same time, Shuni and Bonbon had raced down from the top of the castle to the bridge followed by Sir Typye and a handful of guards alert enough to respond.

As Ranger, Scheff and Shuni fought skeletons and drove the Night Hag and Nightmare into disappearing once more, Sir Typye and his men-at-arms were ambushed by two dozen goblins and a particularly savage-looking wolf they appeared to fear, despite fighting alongside it. With the skeletons destroyed, the adventurers all turned to help Sir Typye, only to have another crone appear, a Green Hag, which executed a powerful sneak attack on Shuni.

Sir Typye slew the wolfish Barghest and the fight was going in the party’s favour at last when a goblin snatched one of the paladin’s belt pouches and ran away, followed immediately by the death of the Green Hag, killed before she could manage to escape and scattering the last of the goblins. The exhausted heroes returned to the castle where Tharius steadfastly kept the Baron safe against any return visits and the party rested until morning.

The next day, Sir Typye arose more refreshed than ever (level up) and Scheff made a consoling visit to the family of the child lost to the river. Clearly, the death of Nanny Nox ten days before had disturbed her coven and the heroes resolved to eliminate any future threat.

Episode 27: The Coven of Midvale Forest