Episode 28


Agents of the Crown

July 13, 2020

Having vanquished the hags and all of their minions, the adventurers explored the ancient domed ruin the coven had taken as their home. Littered with all manner of odds and ends from the banal to the grotesque, two treasure chests filled with coins and gems stood out and found their way into the party’s bag of holding. With the evening storms rolling in, the adventurers opted to take shelter in the ruins until morning.

Sir Typye suffered nightmare visions through the night which robbed him of rest and the group suspected Black Alice was back. They decided to make their way back to civilization as quickly as possible, reaching Castle Baddok by mid-afternoon. Lord Baddok insisted on hosting the party for a feast, such as he could provide being a lonely garrison citadel, and they stayed the night.

In the morning, Sir Typye was still suffering the nightly visitations of Black Alice and the adventurers felt sure their best chance of escaping her touch was to reach the city of Agvazetum, where she would be unable to enter. They reached Patruzo where Sir Typye opted to get some rest during the day, when he would be safe from the night hag, and that night they were invited to another feast with the jolly baron.

The next day, the adventurers stopped for a mid-day feast in the town of Vrepail before proceeding to the city of Agvazetum where they were treated to an epic heroes’ welcome by the people who had heard the stories spread ahead of them. The Heroes of Mid-Spring had wiped out a coven of hags and destroyed their Evil influence for a generation and the next day they would be made Agents of the Crown in a grand public ceremony.

King Gyzil himself met the heroes and almost immediately sent them on a mission to stop the Evil Prince Cambion of Battzistan from taking control of a mobile earthberg and using it to transport armies to attack the kingdom. Since Sir Typye has Pegasus and the rest of the party Scheff’s skyboat, the S.S. Seal, they were ideal for the job and King Gyzil added to their ranks a powerful healer, Aizza Vimont.

In the meantime, Scheff’s account of the defeat of the coven included the death of Bonbon and Shuni was rewarded by the King with a prize hunting dog which the barbarian dubbed “Bondeux”. The mastiff went along for the ride to find Prince Cambion, the half-demon.

Around sunset, the earthberg was spotted and the S.S. Seal touched down in a tiny pond at its center. The party was soon set upon by Hell Hounds and Prince Cambion himself, who was able to dispatch two Elementals, one of Earth and one of Air, to fight the heroes. When he and his minions were thwarted, it was discovered that the resident nymph of the earthberg was held captive inside the prince’s gemstone amulet and that he had been using her to summon the elementals.

After Tharius warned everyone that the sheer beauty of a nymph was enough to kill a mortal, the whole party averted their eyes while Aizza smashed the gem. An ethereal, ghostly voice thanked them and was heard from no more. Given the lateness of the day, the party elected to camp on the earthberg and return to Agvazetum the next day.

Episode 29: Exit Shuni