Harley Quinn #50

Harley Quinn #50

I was delighted with the 50th issue of Harley Quinn, a double-sized issue with a boatload of guest artists working from a script by Sam Humphries. It’s fun, it’s wild and it has an unexpectedly sweet center that made me catch my breath at the end.

The story is a hoot, with Harley being chased by Jonni DC – Continuity Cop for constantly breaking continuity, resulting in chaos everywhere. Meanwhile, Harley is on a quest to find a way to bring her mom back after she turned vanished in a cloud of flower petals.

I loved the irreverent tone of the story, which is a mainstay of the comic in general. I just think it’s funny that Jonni DC – Continuity Cop is even a character but she’s used to great comic effect here. The central event of Harley’s mom disappearing and the subsequent effort to bring her back has a really heart-warming ring to it that ends beautifully, a sweetness that plays well off the comedy all around it.

I also loved the art. I read comics primarily for the art and you get a great variety of visual styles when you have over a dozen artists on the book at the same time. John Timms is the series regular and does the introductory pages, but as Jonni DC pursues our heroine through shifting universes each one gets a distinct spin from the guest artist assigned to those pages. It’s a wild ride and a lot of fun to see the device of multiple artists used so effectively.

Great issue. I loved it so much I bought an extra copy and sent it to my sister.


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