Episode 12


Big Trouble in Little Gilm, Part Two

  • Ranger (Human Ranger) – Paul
  • Rayden (Dragonborn Druid) – Tyler
  • Saria Raven-Star (Human Rogue) – Sarah
  • Scheff (Half-Elf Bard) – Dusty
  • Shuni Gryagur (Half-Orc Barbarian) – Alexia
  • Tharius (Human Wizard) – Ted
  • Zabrina (Tiefling Warlock) – Natasha

May 16, 2019

Shuni stood knee-deep in Gnoll corpses, covered in blood and contemplating Hanuba’s offer to join him, when a passing wizard, Tharius (and brother of Darius, as it would turn out) took interest and began administering healing potions to the fallen heroes. Hanuba’s temptations didn’t work and he soon found himself fighting the whole party.

Hanuba uses Suneel’s restored Flesh Golem to attack the party

Even with the re-animated Golem under his command, Hanuba was doomed and, once he was slain, the party found Suneel Sarjeetha bound to a chair, grateful for his rescue but saddened by the loss of his faithful manservant. Still having nothing to give them, he promised to be forever in their debt and also to let them have Hanuba’s treasure, which was considerable.

With the maps back in their possession, the adventurers were ready to carry on with Zabrina’s quest for the Serpent Staff of Pazugo.

Episode 13: Raid on Gnolltown