Episode 21



January 25, 2020

Sir Typye stood victorious over the slain Plague Knight and went to work reviving his newfound companions. The party decided to take a short rest before investigating the dead cloud giant’s house, upon whose cloud they presently stood. A search of the slain villains provided an enchanted battle axe, a potion and a map on the anti-paladin and golden bracelets worn like finger rings by the giant, as well as a grapefruit-sized ruby worn as a pendant on his neck.

Investigating the house was brief, with a falling chunk of masonry causing their withdrawal as soon as they entered and it was only then that they noticed not only the decrepit state of the house but the waist-high grass in which they had been resting for an hour had wilted and withered severely. Indeed, the entire grounds of the cloud giant’s home seemed to be decaying at a highly accelerated rate, a disintegration triggered by the death of the giant, and the adventurers took that as their cue to leave in their folding flying boat.

Sir Typye, soaring the skies on his loyal Pegasus, was able to locate an earthberg for the party to camp on until night passed and the next day he guided them to the Monastery of Ultimate Order, suggesting strongly that they owed the monks an explanation of what happened to their Sister Natto and the skyboat she sailed the party to the dragon’s lair in.

Realizing her responsibility for convincing the monk to go beyond her orders in not only taking the party to the lair instead of the Aquaportal they arrived by, but also convincing her to remain in the area where a red dragon was present, Zabrina was reluctant to own up, but with four of the seven party members being Good, she had little choice. Sir Typye was duty-bound to report it in any case, so it was either him or them.

The paladin guided the adventurers to the Monastery of Ultimate Order where a skyship was docked and preparing to leave after delivering its cargo. Master Waitani received the adventurers with some strained patience as they stumbled on delivering the bad news of Sister Natto’s demise and the loss of the monastery’s skyboat. Scheff, in an effort to atone, offered whatever the monks might need, to which Master Waitani responded that the party’s folding flying boat would be a good start.

Recognizing the fact that the adventurers had slain a red dragon as well as aiding Sir Typye against an anti-paladin and a cloud giant, Master Waitani offered them a mission. A thousand years ago, monks of an ancestral order to Master Waitani’s shattered their citadel and caused the mountain it was built upon to collapse. Ruins of the shattered citadel remain, floating in a region of the Skylands known as the Wailing Rocks on account of the sound the high winds make blowing through the myriad earthbergs there. Master Waitani believes the cause of the destruction is a Cubic Gate permanently left open to the plane of Limbo and slowly leaking Chaos into the world. Retrieve the Cubic Gate and deliver it to Master Waitani and all will be forgiven.

Without a boat, the adventurers had to arrange passage aboard the cargo skyship. Sir Typye split from the party to make his report to his superiors at the Citadel of Saint Ivarr, arranging to meet the party in three days in Agvazetum, where the ship was headed. Captain Morgonn welcomed them aboard the Gallant Gadfly, on the good word of Sir Typye and Scheff’s easy rapport. He and his crew were further impressed by the tale Scheff spun about their recent adventures and in two days they reached the capital city of one of the Twelve Kingdoms of the Commonwealth of Sagasvale.

Agvazetum turned out to be a splendid city, the jewel of a kingdom ruled by the 800 year old silver dragon by the same name. The Lawful Good leanings of the population are based on the belief that Agvazetum often passes amongst them in disguise and so the culture is very warm and polite based on the assumption that any stranger might be Agvazetum, and the city shines as a beacon of order and goodwill.

Captain Morgonn advised Scheff to garner a little fame before he tries to buy a skyboat as artisans love to associate with distinctive men and women, which will result in a better deal. In fact, he encouraged everyone to ride on their fame, which would undoubtedly spread as the bard`s tale got around. He even advised Scheff to find Tygus Merrel, owner of the Solar Hotel, which offers one of the most popular stages in the city. Once they cashed in some of their treasure, Scheff met the Halfling owner of the hotel who offered the bard a one week engagement after having him perform right then and there. After a few rough starts, Scheff hit his stride and found himself invited to a party where he was able to negotiate a deal for a skyboat at a reduced price.

The Solar Hotel in Agvazetum

Over the two week period of boat-construction, the adventurers settled into the city, or its outskirts, as in the case of Ranger, who was happier wandering the local towns and fishing in the river. Shuni spent her time carousing in the “rough-and-tumble” district and looked into acquiring a worg through Saria’s black market connections but eventually settled on buying a mastiff and calling it “Bonbon”. Saria, for her part, found crime exceptionally difficult to get away with in such an orderly Lawful Good city but managed to avoid arrest.

The spellcasters Tharius and Zabrina found distractions of their own, with the wizard making use of the city’s splendid Universitum Arcanum to research new spells and even hiring a valet, Tario, while the warlock found profitable employment aiding a fellow warlock, Tamvoril, in illegal research into demon-summoning. After an early accident resulting in Manes, they found success together with a Shadow Demon, at which point Zabrina was dismissed and expected to speak of this to no one.

On Saraday, 49th day of Spring, the party took ownership of their brand-new skyboat and christened it the S. S. Seal, in honour of one of the earliest and now-departed party members.

Episode 22: Paladin and Ranger