Episode 25


The Dragon’s Lair

April 9, 2020

The adventurers decided to huddle in the tent the dead bugbears and ogres had been using to take shelter from the nightly storm. In the morning, they investigated the pyramid, finding the opening of a shaft at the top that ran deep into the earth.

After tying their ropes together, Shuni climbed down to the cave 300 feet below to be joined by Tharius, using Feather Fall to drift down to her. Together they had to fight a giant constrictor snake guarding the dragon’s treasure hoard and then a giant crocodile lurking in the pool at one end of the cave. Sir Typye and Ranger were able to reach the pair and help them.

After that, the four dove into the pool and swam through an underwater tunnel to another cave where a pair of trolls attacked them. The fight was tough but went in the party’s favour. After the trolls were killed, the adventurers were able to find their way out of the caves that served as the dragon’s lair.

Re-uniting with Scheff, who was still waiting atop the pyramid for them with Shuni’s hunting dog Bonbon, the party made their way back to Tanzovi where they were greeted as heroes. The next day they returned to Agvazetum and were received as heroes. There was even a public feast and a medal ceremony for Sir Typye, Ranger, Shuni, Tharius and Scheff.

Episode 26: Night of the Hags