Episode 4


Up the Xanthium River

(December 27, 2018)

After the disastrous run-in with river pirates, the River Galley was obliged to dock in Teshivast so the captain could make a report. Disembarking from the boat for the evening to lodge at Bergen’s Tavern, Darius, Rayden and Zabrina recruited three more adventures for their quest: half-orc barbarian Shuni Gryagur, the handsome half-elf bard Scheff and a mysterious Ranger with no name.

Zabrina’s charisma endeared her to fellow passenger and petty noble Suneel Sarjeetha, who now extended the offer he made to Leeroy to have the party act as bodyguards for a two day contract. He offered 500gp but Zabrina negotiated him up to 600gp so that each member of the party could get an equal share of a hundred.

The next few days of travel were blissfully uneventful but the mysterious fellow passenger in the red hood and cloak turned out to be a villain, helping a dozen dragon cultists to board the River Galley and send up smoke signals to attract dragons. The party killed the cultists before the dragons showed up, but two blue wyrmlings nevertheless swooped in to attack the boat and the party was forced to fend them off as well.

Concerned about the regularity of trouble, Zabrina interrogated Suneel about what he might be carrying that made the River Galley such a target. He steadfastly professed his innocence, but Zabrina intuited that, even though he was probably telling the truth about this, the nobleman was hiding something. For the last few stops before Gazeera, Suneel negotiated rooms at his posh hotels for Zabrina and Scheff, possibly as a charm offensive to win their confidence. Zabrina remained affable but suspicious.

At last, after eight days on the river, the party arrived at Gazeera as the sun began to set on the city of Evil.

Episode 5: Stately Ruins