The First Race

The first civilized mortals to be created were Dragonborn and Kobolds, invented by Dragons in a master-slave relationship that persists to this day. Dragonborn civilization has been largely usurped by Humans over the last 10,000 years and now they may only be found in small clans scattered across the world.

History and religion have cast Dragonborn and Humans as enemies, but with their numbers so mightily reduced, Dragonborn cannot afford the conflict any more and Humans, at least individually, have always harboured a fear of Dragonborn that makes them reluctant to fight. Today, they co-exist at a respectful distance from one another.

(In rare places such as Sagasvale, Dragonborn still rule, but how they treat Humans and others is highly dependent on the Alignment of each ruler. Good rulers foster peaceful relations while Evil ones are tyrannical.)

Dragonborn tend to be very proud and guarded, finding it difficult to trust other races but forced by circumstance to interact. What few clans that can be found number, at most, thirty family members who operate like a private business with Kobold slaves to do the menial tasks.

About one in ten Dragonborn grow tails and wings, but they are mostly superfluous. They may take the Dragon Wings feat allowing them a fly speed of 20 feet as long as they aren’t wearing Heavy armour or exceeding their carrying capacity.

Dragonborn may be of any Alignment. Naturally, their faith is in the Cult of the Dragon, but creative exceptions are always possible. They reproduce sexually and hatch from eggs laid in clutches of 2 or 3 at a time. Every Dragonborn is a twin or triplet.