The Ultimate Creation

The most ubiquitous, wide-spread and varied of all races, Humans were created by the Gods as a remedy for the endless escalation of conflict between their Giants and the Dragons which had spontaneously manifested right after The Creation. Unfortunately for the Gods, Humans turned out to be almost as willful as the Giants and managed to conquer nearly all lands, either empty or ruled by Dragonborn over the ten milennia they have existed. They continue to expand, testing the patience of their creators whom they don’t necessarily respect, fully aware that everything, including their suffering, was created by the Gods for their own entertainment.

Humans exhibit the most variety of personality and expertise of any race and range in complexion from pale to dark. The kaleidoscope of cultures Humans have produced is the result of a race made up of individuals who are not bound to any type of behaviour the way other races are, but this lack of monoculture has resulted in thousands of years of internal warfare.

“Vanity is definitely my favourite sin.”

Satan, “Devil’s Advocate”