The Bronze Caliphate

The Players

  • Antonio (Tiefling Warlock Hexblade) – Mark
  • Athyra (Tiefling Rogue) – Katherine
  • Murky Waters (Lizardfolk Druid) – Ross
  • Zedicus Cypher (Dragonborn Fighter) – Jacquelyn
  • Zippideedoodah Dibbler (Tinker Gnome Artificer) – Paul

The Story So Far…

Part Six: The Riddle of the Sphinx

June 5, 2022

The adventurers made their way up the stairs on the mountainside toward the fog-shrouded top with Zip piloting their stolen skyboat while the party guided him by a tetherline. At one point, they found their way to what they believed was the Aerie of the Sphinx but it was actually an illusion woven by a Lamia and her Harpy minions who would prey on pilgrims seeking the Sphinx.

Upon reaching the summit of the mountain after sundown, the adventurers were challenged by the Sphinx to answer her riddle and, when they failed, she transported them to the Shadowfell where they would have to learn the answer by approaching a weird lighthouse with all manner of writing scrawled on it.

A Banshee was bound to the lighthouse and her wailing summoned a herd of Wretched and a spindly Lost Sorrowsworn. Recognizing the monster for what it was and reading the inscriptions on the lighthouse, Antonio surmised the answer to the Sphinx’ riddle was “The Lost” and they made it back as quick as they could to answer the Sphinx, who then transported them back to her Aerie in Baxia.

Having successfully answered the riddle, the heroes asked the Sphinx how they can defeat the Orc Menace. She told them to eliminate the wizard Alledrekma, the source of their power, whom Zip sought for revenge in the death of his master. His question to the Sphinx was where to find the magic-user and was told to seek him in the Wailing Cliffs of the Vazabio Mountains.

The adventurers, exhausted from their long, long day, sailed back to the pyramid where they used the Aquaportal to return to the pyramid of Salabima two thousand miles to the east where, finally, they rested.




The Bronze Caliphate runs for a thousand miles of coastline stretching north of the western Equatorial Desert. It is a federation ruled by an unbroken line of Bronze Dragonborn Caliphs who are devoted to the Cult of the Cat, a religion uniting the many lands with its roots of power in the mythical Isle of Cats, located some 500 miles off the coast. It is said that anyone who voyages there is doomed to forget himself and turn into a Tabaxi, with those few who returned having sown the seeds of the race in Hyracanum.

A High-Priestess of the Cult of the Cat

Crusaders from the North

Beyond the northern frontier of the Bronze Caliphate is Oropan, a theocratic kingdom of monotheistic zealots constantly sending crusaders southward to try and seize the capital city of Primovia. From there they would be able to sail for the Isle of Cats, an enigmatic goal of theirs to which the Caliph is absolutely opposed, so war is a constant of the northern frontier.

Oropan Crusader


We begin in the capital city of Primovia, situated on the westernmost point of the caliphate’s thousand-mile coastline. It is a cosmopolitan city of a mid to high-level of fantasy with a quasi Indian/middle-eastern flavour. The school of wizardry and witchcraft, the Universato Ultimato, includes a dock on its clock tower for skyships, though such craft are rare owing to their being easy prey for Dragons which are common enough to merit a Dragon Cult. Just like any great metropolis, Primovia has a powerful Thieves Guild and a thriving black market in spite of being an ostensibly religious and orderly city.

Primovia – Capital City of the Bronze Caliphate

Anyone of any race or class may be found, so there are no restrictions on what you can play.

Dragonborn are fairly common. Dwarves rarely leave their mountain kingdoms, just as Elves and Gnomes rarely leave Elfland, but the adventuring kind are not unheard of. Halflings likewise rarely venture far from their hilly dales. Humans are the most common and wide-spread race. Tieflings are very rare beings, as are Half-Elves and Half-Orcs, unlikely to ever come across another of their kind.

Those are the regular Players Handbook races. Anything from an outside source needs DM approval.