Hyracanum was invented by the twelve Creator Gods as an arena to play out their competing ideas of Alignment. They watch over their creation from the constellations and there is no denying their existence and power. They are not, however, universally loved and unconditionally worshipped. There are other powers to pray to, such as regional deities among others.  

Dragon Cults are a common alternative, as Dragons are considered quasi-divine in origin, having manifested in the days after Creation without the knowledge of the Gods. These cults either directly or indirectly worship Bahamut and Tiamat with sacrifices of blood and treasure in some form or other. 

Dragonborn and Kobolds are natural-born Dragon Cultists and rarely take the Creator Gods as their focus of worship. 

Death Cults are few and far between but they worship not so much Death itself as the power it holds – a power even Gods fear, for Gods can be killed. Death itself is the ultimate Neutral entity, caring only to reap souls and taking a favourable attitude to those who provide a steady supply. 

Monotheism is another rare religion but it exists in pockets here and there. These worshippers hold a similar outlook as those of the Death Cults in that they seek the power that supercedes Gods. Monotheists ask the question: “who created the creators?” and worship an entity called Deem whom they believe to be that which made the Gods.  For them, all other gods are secondary, if not outright heretical, and the arcane magic of Sorcerers, Warlocks and Wizards is characterized as demonology and typically outlawed.

Worship and Sacrifice

All gods seek power through the number of worshippers they attract (except Dragons, who only care about sacrificial blood or treasure, and Death, who only wants souls). Some take a crusader mentality, some are more modest, but that is the source of power for a god. In the case of the Creator Gods, since their supremacy is unquestionable, it is bending people toward one particular Alignment or another that motivates their actions. 

The favour of a god must be won through sacrifice, either of time or resources or blood. Clerics and Paladins praying for spells must spread the gospel or build a shrine or slaughter a lamb (or human!), the bigger the gesture the longer they can count on spells from that deity. 

The Creator Gods 

As the firmament revolves around Hyracanum, each of the gods presides over the Sun Gun for a period of four weeks. Each month honours the name of the presiding god, with Bered being the first of the year. 

  • BERED (NG) – Life, Light, Forge domains
  • HYRA (N) – Life, Nature, Tempest domains
  • KIBELLE (CG) – Life, Light, Trickery domains
  • MATI-MALI (CN) – Life, Tempest, Trickery domains
  • PETHAMOR (N) – Forge, Light, Peace domains
  • TANETAR (CE) – Grave, Tempest, Trickery domains
  • SAMAS (NE) – Grave, Knowledge, Trickery domains
  • MICHIMALTO (N) – Grave, Knowledge, Order domains
  • JENRO (LE) – Grave, Order, Twilight, War domains
  • CELESTIA (LN) – Knowledge, Order, Peace domains
  • DERNETH (N) – Forge, Trickery, Twilight domains
  • LANCORRA (LG) – Forge, Light, Order, War domains

The gods are asexual, being as often represented as male as they are female, since it is understood that the gods can assume any form they please. It is generally assumed that they have a basic anthropomorphic shape as their “natural” state since they created Giants and Humans in their image.

These gods are, therefore, the gods of the Giants as well as Humans, except that the willful Giants rejected their divine creators and gave them no respect, choosing instead to worship themselves. So the gods invented Humans as a replacement to be more obedient, or at least more easily punished. 

Dwarves were created by Giants to serve as slaves. Their religion is devoted to a single male god, Moradin, who broke their chains and wanders the Underdark to this day on an endless Lawful Good quest. 

Halflings, though an offshoot species of Dwarf, remained above ground when their cousins migrated beneath the mountains. They recognize the Creator Gods as the guiding forces of Hyracanum and worship accordingly. 

Elves, Gnomes and Goblins, as residents of Elfland, have no gods in the usual sense, instead holding Titania and Oberon as their objects of worship and fear. Gnomes do not generally become Clerics or Paladins. Elves never do. 

Orcs and Bugbears are creations of magic and have no gods. Gnolls worship Yeenoghu.  

The Cult of the Cat