Episode 21


  • Ranger (Human Ranger) – Paul
  • Saria Raven-Star (Human Rogue) – Sarah
  • Scheff (Half-Elf Bard) – Dusty
  • Shuni Gryagur (Half-Orc Barbarian) – Alexia
  • Sir Typye (Human Paladin) – Tyler
  • Tharius (Human Wizard) – Ted
  • Zabrina (Tiefling Warlock) – Natasha

January 25, 2020

The adventurers had defeated Thaganos the Wicked, but with the Cloud Giant’s passing, his skybound domain started to disintegrate. As soon as they were able, the party left in their magical flying folding boat with Sir Typye astride his Pegasus. The paladin thanked them for their help, but insisted on taking them back to the Monastery of Elemental Order to report the death of Sister Natto and the loss of the monastery’s skyboat.

Sir Typye and Pegasus with the party in their flying boat

Master Waitani accepted the party’s folding boat as a replacement for the lost vessel, but to atone for the death of a monk, he charged them with locating the Shattered Citadel of the Central Mountains and sealing a portal left open to Limbo through which Chaos was creeping into the world.

A supply ship docked at the monastery was able to provide passage for the party to Agvazetum in the Commonwealth of the Twelve Kingdoms of Sagasvale – the First Realm! Sir Typye had to report to his Order and arranged to meet up with the party in two weeks.

And so, the adventurers, whose journey began over a thousand miles away on the shores of the Xanthium Sea, found themselves in the oldest civilization in the world, cradled ten miles high in the eastern Central Mountains of Hyracanum. Scheff’s tales of adventure astonished the people and their celebrity got them a good price on a new skyboat which they commissioned to have built.

Episode 22: Paladin and Ranger