Episode 26

Night of the Hags

  • Ranger (Human Ranger) – Paul
  • Scheff (Half-Elf Bard) – Dusty
  • Shuni Gryagur (Half-Orc Barbarian) – Lotta
  • Sir Typye (Human Paladin) – Tyler
  • Tharius (Human Wizard) – Ted

May 16, 2020

Even as the celebration for the dragon-slayers was carrying on, news of trouble arrived from Patruzo where the baron was suffering the same ailment as the lord of Elliopsis. A Night Hag was suspected and the Heroes of Mid-Spring, who had vanquished Nanny Nox not two weeks before, set forth the next day.

Standing guard as they had done before, the heroes were summoned by the steward of the castle who reported the guards all drugged and asleep while a gang of Goblins were making off with kidnapped children during the night storms. Ranger and Scheff ran off to check while Sir Typye remained at his post with Tharius and Shuni, when her hunting dog Bonbon scented an invisible presence.

Sir Typye and Shuni versus the Night Hag and her Nightmare

The party was split up. Tharius cast a protective hut over himself and the sleeping baron while Sir Typye and Shuni followed Bonbon to the tower’s top where they fought a new Night Hag and her Nightmare steed. The Evil pair vanished into the Ethereal Plane when they realized they were outmatched.

Meanwhile, Ranger and Scheff had chased the Goblins across the bridge when the villains tossed their child hostages over the side, forcing the heroes to dive into the river after them. Downriver, the Night Hag now lay in wait with more minions as well as the Green Hag leader of the Goblins with whom she had partnered.

Ranger and Bard fight off the Hags and their minions

Shuni and Sir Typye eventually made their way down to the river’s edge to help Ranger and Scheff. They killed the Green Hag and forced the Night Hag to vanish once more before they retreated to the castle to rest, having saved all but one of the children.

Episode 27: The Coven of Midvale Forest