Episode 30

Sir Typye’s Giant Adventure

  • Sir Typye (Human Paladin) – Tyler

August 21, 2020

Just as the S.S. Seal docked in Agvazetum and Sir Typye stepped off the skyboat’s deck, he was met by Pegasus, somehow back from the dead and eager to get the paladin on her back. They were off before Sir Typye could even make a report to King Gyzil with his companions.

The winged horse took the paladin back to the volcano where she had died and where they now found a chain-gang of Dwarf slaves being driven by a Fire Giant. Pegasus delivered Sir Typye in front of a particularly charismatic Dwarf and the paladin cut his chains so he could fight.

Sir Typye and Durthrim Longbeard fight the Fire Giant

Together, the pair brought down the goliath and, at last, introductions could be made. Durthrim Longbeard had been prospecting with his crew when they were captured and put in irons by the Fire Giant. He speculated that Pegasus must be a gift from the gods to help Sir Typye smash slavery and suggested that be his quest from now on.

The two parted ways, with Durthrim returning to his home in the Ramstal Peaks while Sir Typye and Pegasus made their way back to Agvazetum.