Dark Age Adventure

To Restore a Kingdom

This campaign begins with a trio of adventurers finding a treasure map pointing them to the Crown of Kings. This powerful artifact can be used to unite the kingdom of Alamayne under an authentic ruler instead of the puppet regent (the so-called “Black King”) installed by the Church of Deem to legitimize their theocracy.

The Party

  • Maran Maraka (Half-Elf Bard) – Mark C.
  • Nihl (Dragonborn Monk) – Kasey
  • Rosetta Stone (Human Cleric) – Sarah
  • Villitch Von Velckha (Aasimar Paladin) – Ross

Round 10


November 4, 2023

At the edge of the ruins of the razed citadel of Merytol’s Abbey, Akram and Nihl were suddenly joined by Villitch, reappearing out of thin air as if the past five days had never passed. Nihl introduced him to Akram and he was soon informed of all the developments in his absence and their current need to rescue Gilbert and Rosetta from the wounded Green Dragon.

Together, the trio found the cave entrance to the dragon’s lair where they had to fight an Assassin Vine and a Troll before entering the warren-like tunnels. When Villitch fell into a spiked pit trap, Akram and Nihl realized the Dragon was right behind them and they barely avoided its deadly breath weapon which Villitch, flying up from the pit, was immune to. Wounded and outnumbered, the Dragon was soon slain and the adventurers searched on.

In the hoard chamber where the dragon’s wealth was guarded by a Mimic, they found Rosetta and a few Gnome-sized bones. Gilbert had been eaten by the Dragon he had inflicted so much damage upon, but Rosetta still lived and was saved by the party. After taking stock of the treasure, they rested.

Among the coins and gems were a number of art objects devoted to the glory of Gazafeira, the Dragon they had slain. Apparently, the nearby city of Mogretz – capital of the kingdom and the theocracy – is engaged in some form of dragon-worship. Rather hypocritical of a religion bent on wiping out all others in the name of Deem.

The next day, the party investigated the blasted ruins of the citadel and took up a position on the last standing wall to wait for night to fall and the ghost of Sir Adam to come out. They were confronted by the headless former paladin and two ghosts. Villitch boldly made straight for Sir Adam, grappling the body and planting the skull between the shoulders. As prophesied by the party’s quest-map, the ghost of Sir Adam was instantly put to rest and he and the other two spirits vanished, leaving behind only the fabled Dragonslayer Spear.

With the weapon in hand, they were now ready to find Zovatora and slay the dragon to win the Crown of Kings from its hoard.

Campaign History

Campaign Log


The isle of Alamayne is a land ruled by the oppressive theocracy of the Church of Deem. They came to power a century ago in a crusade that swept away King Olaf the Old and replaced him with Virigoth, the Black King, a seemingly immortal figure who still rules to this day. Only the independent city-state of Ludinium on the south coast remains as the lone hold-out, an oasis of enlightenment amidst a land in a Dark Age.

For millennia, Alamayne was the domain of barbarians and bandits with endlessly shifting lines of succession and many periods without kings at all. Many believed unified rule of the island was folly, fractured as it was by feudalism and an inablity of its nobles to get over historical slights, but then, a hundred years ago, the Church of Deem emerged in the north as a power to be reckoned with.

With a zealous and brutal pursuit of justice, the Church was able to unite people against the institutional corruption and abuse of the ruling classes. At first, the devoted were dismissed as a fringe cult, but in the span of a few years they swept to power, ousting King Olaf the Old and installing Black King Virigoth in his place. His apparent immortality is their proof that he was divinely selected to be king of Alamayne, but nobody knows exactly why he is ageless.

Before the Dark Age of theocratic rule, Alamayne celebrated a pantheon of gods who were multivarious in form and function. Chief among them was Vatael who identified closely with the spontaneous energy of Chaos. The Church of Deem, obsessed with order and control, swept away the old gods, assimilating those they could, erasing those they couldn’t, and setting up Vatael as the ultimate villain.

Mogretza, capital city of Alamayne

Alamayne is a cold, dismal place of rugged terrain, lakes and forests, about 800 miles north-south and 600 miles east-west. The overall style and flavour of the setting is Northern European, Celtic/Norse/Mongolian of the 12th-14th century. Think Frazetta’s Conan the Barbarian paintings or the first 20 minutes of the 1982 film. Only the southern tip of the island is in the temperate zone, the rest is sub-arctic, so lots of wind, rain and snow.


The campaign begins in the independent city-state of Ludinium. Home to about 25,000 people, it covers an island just off the southernmost tip of Alamayne connected by a bridge with a large fortress gatehouse. The surrounding countryside is soft marshland which discourages any attack by land forces.

Ludinium has been around for centuries but became an independent city-state shortly after Virigoth was coronated, when the most wanted man in the kingdom, Temvorian the Sorcerer, formed an alliance with other magic-users and took the palace of Ludinium in a swift coup that ended the reign of Duke Miderran. Temvorian had a special relationship with Ozeiaza the Bronze Dragon who helped repel the avenging armies of the Black King long enough for the magic-users to turn the surrounding land to intractable swamp which claimed many an enemy soldier.

Whereas Alamayne resembles a Dark Ages European backwater, Ludinium is an oasis of culture and enlightenment more akin to Renaissance Florence. It is governed by a council of eight guildmasters who are selected from the dozens of trade guilds in the city, serving for two years before being replaced. Presiding over the council with veto power is Lady Marade, the latest in the line of Temvorian’s descendants to take the leading role. As long as Ludinium has a ruling Sorcerer of the line of Temvorian, Ozeiaza will be its patron and protector.

Alamayne’s navy has never fared well in the waters around Ludinium where Ozeiaza loves to swim and capsize hostile vessels. The city-state, lacking any arable farmland, trades heavily with the Kingdom of Falay across the channel for everything they need, so the merchant marine class is vital to Ludinium’s survival and the Dragon is known to favour trade ships over war ships.

Ludinium has a sizeable University Arcanum where magical tomes from across Alamayne have been sequestered rather than be burned by the church. There is a population of Wizards, Warlocks and Sorcerers in Ludinium which puts it on the map for travellers from the Skyrealms. The University Tower even has a dock for skyships which come to visit on a semi-regular basis.

All races and classes are available in Ludinium, but outside the city things get a lot more restricted.

The streets of Ludinium