Quest Log

  • Coraday 1 – Hired by Mazerit Sabal to rescue son Merritt; defeat bandits, cultists and Black Dragon Wyrmling; find treasure map.
  • Noraday 2 – Return to Ludinium & collect reward; Sky Swan docks, Gilbert meets Capt. Vanita; party hired by Gevik Tovoya to deliver potions.
  • Doraday 3 – Ride to Meradon stopping in Brissen for lunch to hear about Wolf of Wexam; deliver potions to Farakeeno.
  • Miraday 4 – Meet Duke Pareso to accept job of killing Wolf; fight and kill wolfpack at night; leave and camp overnight far from city.
  • Maraday 5 – Maran Maraka and Nihl join party.
  • Faraday 6 – Fight & defeat Neyata who flees; meet Inquisitors.
  • Saraday 7 – Party meets Zabrina who brings them over to Elfland; Villitch gives his orchid to Griselda; Tom Turtletobb gives them the skull of Sir Adam.
  • Coraday 8 – Party returns to Hyracanum just after dusk; encounter Orc patrol and find Orc army at a tower which they infiltrate by midnight.
  • Noraday 9 – Enter tower through dungeons and kill Garisul on tower top before fleeing through portal to Inverted World; meet Succubus and learn of Meddevin; camp by lava river for heat.
  • Doraday 10 – Meddevin’s Fortress of Fire heist job; party steals Decahedron and returns to Ludinium without Gilbert, Rosetta or Zabrina; party fights thugs led by Cambion
  • Miraday 11 – Villitch missing; Maran & Nihil consult sage; Maran meets Meddevin; Gilbert, Rosetta and Zabrina return; all meet Meddevin and accept job.
  • Maraday 12 – Meddevin teleports everyone to Pelifree.
  • Faraday 13 – Party flies on carpet to Fang Rock Waterfall by sunset.
  • Saraday 14 – Party flies to Chimera rock and defeat monster, enter dungeon; Zabrina vanishes, replaced by Villitch; Maran killed; party withdraws to camp in cave; Villitch vanishes again; party meets Akram.
  • Coraday 15 – Party rides magic carpet looking for Gilbert’s home Clamorine but fail and have to camp on a skyland overnight.
  • Noraday 16 – Another day searching in vain.
  • Doraday 17 – Arrive at Clamorine by sunset; Gilbert reunited with family; party stays at Glower’s Pastry House.
  • Miraday 18 – Sell stuff; magic carpet ride down to Merytol’s Abbey; Dragon Attack! Party scattered; Gilbert & Rosetta taken back to lair; Akram & Nihl fight Ettin & Worg; Villitch reappears; find dragon’s lair and slay dragon; Rosetta rescued but Gilbert eaten.
  • Maraday 19 – Search all day until sundown; skull of Sir Adam reunited with body; party obtains Dragonslayer Spear.
  • Faraday 20 – Nihl vanished; party encounters Modron Octohedron and meets Argual; learn that Meddevin has abducted the Decadrone; set course for Pelifree.
  • Saraday 21 – Around noon, Argual vanishes and is replaced with Nihl; fight Stirges and Hydra on a skyrock.
  • Coraday 22 – Travel all day.
  • Noraday 23 – Reach Pelifree by sunset; fight demons and save Pelifree.
  • Doraday 24 – Trial of Meddevin; Sky Swan takes him in exile; Villitch becomes Lord of Pelifree; party leaves.
  • Miraday 25 – Descend to ground; enter city of Tabo; meet Harkin.
  • Maraday 26 – Rosetta vanished; The Dude joins party to retrieve Staff of frost from abandoned pyramid; Rosetta re-appears; party moves to Serim.
  • Faraday 27 – Harkin joins party, leads them to Bariat.
  • Saraday 28 – Harkin leads party up Mt. Zova.
  • Coraday 29 – Stake-out Kobold trap.
  • Noraday 30 – At dusk, 6 Kobolds captured; Akram buys them from Harkin for 400gp; Harkin persuaded to stay another day.
  • Doraday 1 – At dusk, Frost Giants attack with Remorhaz; Harkin betrays party and is knocked out by Nihl before party uses Decahedron to escape to Bariat; Nihl abducted by Modrons; townsfolk fearful at news of party’s escape from giants.
  • Miraday 2 – Party interrogated by Inquisitor; retrieve Replenishable Potion Bottle from abandoned mine