Round 1

Rescue Mission

October 22, 2022

The Party

  • Gilbert Fezziwig (Gnome Artificer) – Mark
  • Rosetta Stone (Human Cleric) – NPC
  • Villitch Van Velckha (Aasimar Paladin) – Ross

The Friendly Goblin in Ludinium is an inn frequented by adventurers, so when horse-trader Mazerit Sabal needed someone to rescue his son from the clutches of an Evil cult, he found three of them: Gilbert Fezziwig, Rosetta Stone and Villitch Van Velckha.

They rode forth immediately on steeds provided by their patron, heading for the Old Keep five miles west into the marshland surrounding the city, which is a known haven for bandits. The party had to overcome them on their way to stop the cult from sacrificing the Sabal boy to a Black Dragon Wyrmling roosting in the flooded dungeon of the keep.

Amidst the treasure hoard of the young dragon was a scroll tube containing a treasure map. The much-annotated map spelled out how to obtain the Crown of Kings from the treasure hoard of Zovatora the Red Dragon, a quest involving an excursion into Elfland.

The heroes returned to Ludinium with the rescued child and were rewarded by Sabal with gold and the promise of more work in the future.

Round 2: The Wolf of Wexam