Round 14

The Party

  • Akram (Elf Rogue) – Mark
  • Nihl (Dragonborn Monk) – Kasey
  • Rosetta Stone (Human Cleric) – Sarah

Exit Lord Villitch

February 10, 2024

The morning after saving the remains of Pelifree from demons, Villitch held a trial for the man who was responsible for it in the first place: Meddevin. The last survivors all wanted him executed but he argued for exile instead.

Before sentence could be passed, an approaching skyship was spotted, the Sky Swan under the command of Captain Vanita, whom Villitch had met in Ludinium three weeks earlier. She agreed to take Meddevin away in exile from Pelifree for 10,000 gp which Akram payed, and the wizard was forever in his debt.

In the smoking ruins of Pelifree, Villitch felt a calling to help the survivors rebuild and they were only too happy to take on a paladin as their new lord. The rest of the party left a sizable donation of treasure to help get the place back in some kind of shape and then departed via magic carpet, leaving Lord Villitch of Pelifree in his new home in the Skyrealms.

A daylong descent brought Akram, Nihl and Rosetta to ground in the woods about a day’s walk from the city of Tabo. They paid a gate tax and bribed their way past customs to enter the city and find lodging at the Blueskin Buck. En route, they noticed a slave population of Kobolds, captured on the slopes of smouldering Mount Zova and pressed into all kinds of menial labour.

Since Kobolds were the key to the party’s plan of infiltrating the volcanic lair of Zovatora the Red Dragon, they sought out the best Kobold-hunter, Harkin the Ranger, and hired him to take them to where he finds his prey.

Round 15: Tomb Raiders