Cat People

Baxia, the Isle of Cats, is a remote island in the western ocean riddled with portals to other worlds, but a curse on the island transforms any who fall asleep on its grounds into Tabaxi with no memory of their former lives.

The race was seeded across Hyracanum by Tabaxi who left the island, but they are very, very rare. Only one may be found for thousands of miles and families of mated pairs even harder to find. Tabaxi born in Hyracanum belong to litters of 2d4+2 babies which are usually the result of one-night-stands. The young are often abandoned by their mothers after weaning and grow apart with little filial devotion, living vagabond lives on the fringes of society, except in the Bronze Caliphate which venerates the Cult of the Cat and, by extension, felines of all forms.

Tabaxi do not worship the Gods of Hyracanum, preferring the Cat Gods, Arzee and Webod, around whom the Cult of the Cat revolves. That is, if they worship at all; like Humans with the Creator Gods, they recognize their divinity, but they don’t necessarily devote themselves to any discipline.