The Ultimate Rejects

An extremely rare race, Tieflings are the progeny of Devils or Demons who mated with Humans. They are almost universally feared and shunned by society wherever they go, with many adopting disguises to avoid harassment. Tieflings are like the X-Men of Hyracanum, feared and hated by most people regardless of whether they are Good or Evil.

Tieflings are recognizable by their horns (ranging small nubs to as large as a bull’s) and their skin colour which often shades away from natural hues into red and violet. Many have tails and some even have cloven hoofs. Hair and eye colour are often other-worldly, too. For all the trouble they attract, many Tieflings opt for disguises and glamours to get by.

Though they may be descended from hellspawn, Tieflings are not inherently Evil. Circumstance and the fact that the world hates them may push many into its embrace or choose to be Neutral, but it is not unknown for some to be Good-aligned. Most Tieflings are Sorcerers or Warlocks.