The Empire of Gold

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Chapter Thirty-Seven: The Wedding of the Damned

  • Prince Ceril (Fallen Aasimar Hexblade) – Mark 
  • Diega (Human Fighter) – Che 
  • Juan de los Aguilars (Human Bard) – Jeremy 
  • Kaamber Beltroth (Half-Elf Rogue) – Bryan 
  • Professor J. Konnifer (Human Cleric) – Miles 
  • Noailles (Tiefling Sorcerer) – Lotta 
  • Ramona Geminov (Human Necromancer) – Talin
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha 
  • Rhodededron the Flamboyant (Gnome Bard) – Alexia 
Juan, Ceril, Diega, Kaamber, Rhodedendron, Raz, Ramona, Konnifer and Noailles

OCt 3, 2021

As soon as Ramona was escorted away by Jackerel, Raz made an impassioned plea for the party to help her rescue the necromancer, but they badly needed equipment so they rushed off to the night markets of Cascaveda before going to Casa Geminov. There, at the gate, they met a Tiefling Sorcerer and childhood friend of Ramona named Noailles. Using her wedding invitation, the party was able to enter the foreboding mansion at the stroke of midnight. 

Casa Geminov, Ramona’s childhood home

In the Great Hall, a huge assembly of zombies, wights and other living dead “wedding guests” watched as Ramona faced her father, Vladimir Geminov, with the familiar face of Professor J. Konnifer, Cleric of Death, who left the party two weeks prior now administering the vows. Also present was Jackerel, in his true Arcanaloth form. At odds with this horror show was cheery music provided by two bards who looked like they had no idea what kind of gig they had signed up for: Juan de los Aguilars (last seen in Bendajee four months prior) and Raz’ old friend Rhodedendron the Flamboyant, back from Elfland. 

Vlad was at first bemused by the silly wedding crashers. Rhodedendron was the first to die while Ramona invoked the power of her Amulet of Necromancy to take control of three-quarters of the zombies and turn them against Vlad’s forces, giving her and her companions a chance to run for it. Juan, cut off by a Wall of Fire, merged with a stone pillar to avoid attack while Vlad went to work blowing away all the zombies with fireballs before going after the adventurers. 

Juan is cut-off from the party as they escape behind a curtain of flame

Ramona quickly led the party to a hedge maze next to the house, explaining that her childhood home existed on a demi-plane of its own which is surrounded by magical, inescapable fogs. A hedge maze next to the house contained a fountain which Ramona recalled from her younger days as providing some sort of way out when a riddle was answered. Knowing Vlad would soon be on their tails, they sent Diega charging ahead in the form of a giant ape, crashing through the hedges in a straight line to the center. 

Undead guarding the fountain at the center of the hedge maze

A Banshee and some Ghosts presented a challenge to everyone but Ramona, who walked up to the fountain and gave the answer which each of the other party members would need to utter in order to follow her in a puff of smoke – to the front door of Casa Geminov, still shrouded in fog. Juan was there, telling them he had tried to teleport out of here and ended up on the doorstep with the fog always redirecting him to it, no matter what path he took.  

The party waits for dawn inside Juan’s magical hut

The bard cast a magical hut to house and protect them until dawn when they made a break for the promenade just outside the front gate. Though it was a narrow thing, the adventurers all managed to escape and get away in an air gondola, making straight for the busiest dock and getting on any ship leaving that instant.  

Juan departed, nodding to Raz (the only familiar face in the party), but preferring to go solo. Konnifer also went off on her own, leaving Raz, Kaamber, Ramona, Diega, Prince Ceril and Noailles sailing off into the sunrise.  



Campaign History



The southeast quarter of Hyracanum is home to some of its most ancient civilizations. Over the past thousand years, the regional powers have been loosely amalgamated as the Empire of Zenobia, so named after the two thousand year-old Gold Dragon who resides atop the Aqualith that dominates the Zenobi Mountains. However, the Empire of Gold is in deep decline and splintering, with many of its independent kingdoms hardly giving the Imperium the recognition and respect it deserves.

Examples of Zenobian adventurers

These days the authority of the Empire has withered to the core that is was founded upon, which is a fellowship of paladins who patrol the realm forever offering aid to those who need it. These Samaritan Knights of Zenobi, though rare in the extreme, are always sterling examples of Lawful Good virtue as befits the Dragon Emperor they represent. They operate out of two citadels: one in the Zenobi Mountains, the other built on a floating skyland that moves around the Empire according to the winds. The Samaritan Knights are able to telepathically communicate with one another during meditation and this network is how the overall security of the Empire is maintained.

The floating fortress of the Samaritan Knights of Zenobi

The lands of Zenobia are many and varied, covering thousands of miles of tropical and sub-tropical countryside and islands. The northern frontier is lost to the Equatorial Desert and its westward reach is blocked by the southern arms of the Central Mountains. The temperate lands to the south have always resisted assimilation.

Cascaveda – City of Wizards


The Kingdom of Trilliac

Kuth: Isle of the Sorcerer-Kings

The Skyrealms