Chapter 11

Lost in the Fog

  • Feti Granglow (Half-Elf Sorcerer) – Bryan
  • Formosa (Half-Orc Monk) – Lotta
  • Gloucester (Human Sorcerer) – Miles
  • Naliyi (Half-Elf Fighter) – Alexia
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Sargael (Tiefling Wizard) – Talin
  • William Tall-Tale (Halfling Wizard) – Che
Sargael, Raz, Gloucester, Formosa, William and Naliyi

November 23, 2019

Raz, Feti, Gloucester and Sargael drifted through the night fog of Lake Tamoa until they ran aground on another island. As soon as they got out, the boat was consumed by a huge underwater monster they barely avoided. 

A meeting of fellowships.

Looking for a spot to camp, the foursome came across three other adventurers who had been trapped there for two days after being lured individually by Jackerel with a false promise of adventure and treasure. They were Naliyi the Half-Elf Fighter, Formosa the Half-Orc Monk and William Tall-Tale, a Halfling Wizard. 

The door between the trees.

A fourth adventurer had been with them but was taken away by large beetle-like humanoids from the Outer Planes called Mezzoloths and escorted away through a magic door between two trees. Beyond it lay a strange, cube-shaped chamber with walls made of some red-grey marble. Another ornate door across the room was guarded by a Canoloth whose barbed tongue would lash out 30 feet toward any intruder. 

The cube chamber.

The party took a rest to form a plan. 

Chapter 12: The Infinite Staircase