Chapter 18

Sailing the Skies

March 14, 2020

In the Coral Palace of the Sultana Marid on the Elemental Plane of Water, the party rested. Raz gave up the troublesome chess set to her host and then the adventurers set sail across the sky. Their mission was to find the wizard Tolok and bring him back to the Sultana Marid, dead or alive.

With so many hands aboard the Black Acacia, the disintegrating ship was able to make it in good time to the glittering blue gables of the way-station Sapphire Eaves, so named for the blue dragon scales that tile its rooftops. Once docked, repairs were going to take a little over a week, so the party checked in to rooms in this super-tavern built on a large earthberg in the sky.

Sapphire Eaves Waystation

During their stay, Raz had the golden head-dress of the cloud giant appraised. She was told it could be worth more than 75,000 gold pieces in a place like Cascaveda, which was where they were headed in the hopes of picking up Tolok’s trail. Repairs, lodging and crew pay all drained the resources of the party who held on to the treasure until they could reach the City of Wizards.

The morning they were to set sail for Cascaveda, shortly after the month turned to summer, the adventurers were approached by a questing cleric named Konnifer seeking passage to the same destination. After paying an arbitrary fee, she came aboard for the eight day trip.

On the sixth day of their voyage, the adventurers were sailing close to a cluster of earthbergs when they heard alluring music which compelled the crew to sail for the source. As the Black Acacia headed for the earthbergs, Mora and Theren stopped the sailors and the craft then came under attack from harpies armed with bows. The creatures were led by a hag whose presence was revealed when she attacked Captain Beltroth at the rudder by surprise.

The fight went against the monsters and when the hag was killed the remaining three harpies fled, although one of them was killed by the party in flight. The Black Acacia maneuvered closer to the rocks for the adventurers to finish off the other two cowering in their cave where a handful of treasure was found.

After a few more days of travel, the Black Acacia came into the vicinity of Cascaveda, City of Wizards, built upon the largest earthberg in the world, floating six miles above the ground.

Cascaveda, City of Wizards

Here they hoped to find word of their quarry: Tolok.

Chapter 19: Bookshop of Horrors