Chapter 24

The Pocket Plane of Grimanski

  • Kaamber Beltroth (Half-Elf Rogue) – Bryan
  • Captain Professer J Konnifer (Human Cleric) – Miles 
  • Petrika Briasa (Human Sorcerer) – Che
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Ramona Geminov (Human Necromancer) – Talin 
  • Yara Goodleaf (Halfling Barbarian) – Lotta
Konnifer, Yara, Raz, Ramona, Petrika and Kaamber

April 18, 2020

Endless fields of grass beneath a slate grey sky awaited the party where the Vortex of Worlds spat them out. After some time spent walking, a pair of low hills were spotted, as well as two steel-plated bull Gorgons charging to attack. 

Raz and Kaamber race to unlock the door while the Gorgon attacks relentlessly.

The Gorgons were unstoppable – kill one and another appeared in its place. The hills each had a door and the party picked one to run to. At the entrance, Raz noticed the petrified fist of Tolok, identified by the signet ring it bore. It appeared their quarry had met his end with the Gorgons. 

Beyond the door, a series of trapped chambers challenged the adventurers, the most lethal being a booby-trapped door that shoved its victims into a pit where a Black Pudding lay in wait. Petrika and Yara both lost their lives. 

Petrika and Yara are victims of a Black Pudding!

When triggered, however, the door left a space by which the next chamber could be accessed before the trap reset, allowing Raz, Kaamber, Konnifer and Ramona to slip through. 

Chapter Twenty-Five: Wizard’s Vault