Chapter 28

Into the Wild

  • Diomedes (Human Horizon-Walker) – Lotta 
  • Kaamber Beltroth (Half-Elf Rogue) – Bryan
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Ramona Geminov (Human Necromancer) – Talin 
Diomedes, Ramona, Raz and Kaamber

June 4, 2020

The adventurers soon found themselves approached by the Half-Orc leader of the Gnolls they had fought days before. Korgrid the Ranger was not looking for revenge, but to join forces against Sir Robb and The Hood’s outlaw band. 

Korgrid the Half-Orc has a proposition for the party.

Korgrid’s plan was to kill the Stone Giant guardian of the Pilmer River Canyon and summon a demon to unleash on the Secret Shires where the Halflings lived. This would draw out the heroes for a big fight, but when Diomedes told Raz about Korgrid’s reputation for elf-hunting, the deal was dead. 

The adventurers set off into the badlands, but Korgrid and his Gnolls had got ahead of them. Most of them had been killed by the Stone Giant, but the colossus lay dead in his cave. 

Demon summoning interrupted by the party.

In a sub-chamber, they found Korgrid and the Gnoll Shaman attempting to summon a demon. The ceremony was cut short, as were the lives of the villains. 

Chapter 29: Sir Robb