Chapter 30


  • Diomedes (Human Horizon-Walker) – Lotta
  • Kaamber Beltroth (Half-Elf Rogue) – Bryan
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Ramona Geminov (Human Necromancer) – Talin 
Raz, Diomedes, Sir Robb, Ramona and Kaamber

July 7, 2020

Sir Robb led the party into battle against the Red Knight to free Sazzledash, the captured Copper Dragon. He was able to escape just in time to face a Red Dragon summoned by the Red Knight’s hunting horn. 

Melee against the forces of the Red Knight.

While the dragons fought overhead, the adventurers fought on the ground until the Red Knight and his cronies were killed. When they looked up, the dragons were finished, with the Red being the only one sighted, flying back to its lair, which looked to be in the caves where the Gates of Tamburien were located. 

Sir Robb wanted to press the advantage and go after the dragon while it was still injured from its fight. Diomedes led them to the caves and they fought the wounded wyrm in its lair until dead and Raz claimed her fourth dragon-slaying. 

Inside the dragon’s lair.

From the dragon’s lair, the adventurers made their way to the Gates of Tamburien, a large cave with arched portals leading to the Elemental Planes as well as Astral Space where a series of floating stone steps led to the Academy of the Horizon Walkers. 

The Gates of Tamburien.

Behind the door to the Academy, located on the moon Mira, lay a scene of carnage. 

Chapter 31: To the Moon