Chapter 33

Undermountain City

March 20, 2021

Diega, Kaamber, Ramona and Raz were led into an audience chamber where they encountered two other adventurers, Agariacus and Aspasia, standing before the Fire Giant King. The adventurers were invited to explain their history and how they got here from Mira, the Moon of Gold, with the Fire Giants keenly interested in how to get there and plunder it, presuming the party will lead them there in the future.

For the present, the Fire Giant King wanted to recapture a band of Dwarf slaves, or rather one in particular, with the rescue party to be put to death. Agariacus and Aspasia had already been hired to that purpose, and when the adventurers showed up the King decided to add them to the mix to increase their chances of success.

The new party of six was led to the Hellevator, a vertiginous shaft with carriages on rails built into its sides to raise and lower people and cargo between the Towers of Mount Vogra and the Undermountain City of Vogradopolis itself. The ride took six hours to complete, during which time the adventurers got to know each other better, learning that Aspasia is some sort of renowned villain and Agariacus a druid from Mushroom Groves whose interest in this mission is to obtain a promise from the Fire Giants to leave the caves of his beloved myconid alone.

The Hellevator eventually brought them to Undermountain City, laid out in a lava tube some 2 miles long by a mile wide and lit by the orange glow of an epic lavafall at one end. Its lagoon forms the head of a webwork of lava canals that illuminate the whole city stretching from the base of the Hellevator to a lake at the far end, itself fed by an underground waterfall.

Cross-section of Mount Vogra

After grabbing a long rest at The Forge, the city’s only large inn, the party headed across the lake and beyond the waterfall to the caves of the Underdark. Their intention was to reach an intercept point with the rescuers at the entrance to Mushroom Groves and, in order to get there first, they would need to pass through the Caves of Doom, home to a range of undead.

A long day’s march through the winding twisting caverns brought the party to a chasm across which the Caves of Doom awaited. Taking the shape of a giant bat, Agariacus carried Raz across the gulf first and she was attacked by Shadows when the druid went back to get Kaamber and the rest, one at a time. The Shadows were beaten and the adventurers headed into the caves where they met with specters, zombies, a wight and a wraith all in the company of a mighty goliath made of corpses which sloughed off to become zombie opponents when hit.

The Corpse-Goliath

The adventurers overcame the undead and, as Ramona attempted to harvest some corpses for her ranks, she discovered an Amulet of Necromancy around the neck of the zombie at the center of the goliath as well as some jewelry on the wight. The party then climbed out of the Caves of Doom into Mushroom Groves where they opted for a long rest at the end of such a long and brutal day.

Chapter 34: Evil Versus Good