Chapter 7

Mysterious Island

  • Boralin (Silver Dragonborn Fighter) – Jeremy
  • Feti Granglow (Half-Elf Sorcerer) – Bryan
  • Gloucester (Human Sorcerer) – Miles
  • Mernpool: Monster Hunter (Human Ranger) – Che 
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Rhodedendron the Flamboyant (Gnome Bard) – Alexia 
  • Sargael (Tiefling Wizard) – Talin
Boralin, Raz, Rhodedendron, Feti, Gloucester, Mernpool and Sargael.

(August 5, 2019)

After days of travel, Raz, Feti, Gloucester and Mernpool reached the City of Bendajee. There they met Sargael the Tiefling Wizard and Boralin the Silver Dragonborn Fighter, an adventuring duo who hired the party to help them track down a stolen sapphire for their boss, Charna Khan, the Merchant King of Bendajee.  

The party meets two adventurers with a proposition.

The man they were after was a Wizard called Akneth Kagula who had fled on a ship outward bound from Bendajee into Lake Lunessa, apparently in the direction of the Weeping Isles. The party hired a series of boats to get them there, hopping from island to island. 

The Spire and the Weeping Isles

The Weeping Isles are so named because of the ceaseless squalls around them. As the adventurers searched a rainy beach for the thief who had reportedly shipwrecked there, they encountered a trio of Red Slaad which they barely defeated. Upon death, the monsters dissolved to nothing, betraying an otherworldly origin. 

Red Slaadi on the beach.

Chapter 8: Monster from the Outer Planes