Chapter 1

Come Together

  • Sir Gazande (Gold Dragonborn Paladin) – Talin
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Rhodedendron the Flamboyant (Gnome Bard) – Alexia
  • Seran (Human Monk) – Jeremy
  • Zeex (Half-Orc Barbarian) – Bryan
Seran, Raz, Rhodedendron, Sir Gazande and Zeex.

May 11, 2019

A reward of 500 gold pieces for the return of Lord Daxyl of Saddoon’s missing son has drawn adventurers Sir Gazande, Raz, Rhodedendron, Seran and Zeex to the desert village at the same time as a gypsy caravan has come, entertaining the villagers on their way through. 

The Gypsy Dragon Caravan arrives in Saddoon.

The morning after the gypsies departed, three families woke to find their first-born children missing. The gypsies were suspected and Lord Gazande instantly led a rescue party. Located in the jungle nearby, they turned out to be Yuan-Ti cultists attempting to sacrifice the captive children to their infernal snake god. Among them was Lord Daxyl’s teenage son. 

Fight against the Snake Cult!

The adventurers dispatched the gypsies who, upon closer inspection, looked disturbingly serpent-like themselves. The treasure in their caravan included a Circlet of Seeming which they had been using to pass for human. Also among the treasure was a weird Chess set.  


With a commandeered wagon, the party returned to Saddoon with the rescued children including Lord Daxyl’s son and the adventurers were hailed as heroes. 

Chapter 2: Lord of the Manor