Chapter 3

The Land Shark, Part I

  • Sir Gazande (Gold Dragonborn Paladin) – Talin
  • Raz (Elf Rogue) – Natasha
  • Rhodedendron the Flamboyant (Gnome Bard) – Alexia
  • Seran (Human Monk) – Jeremy
  • Zeex (Half-Orc Barbarian) – Bryan
Seran, Raz, Rhodedendron, Sir Gazande and Zeex with their newfound wagon.

June 1, 2019

To certify his new position as Lord of Tazir, Sir Gazande needed to travel to the city of Omosa for official recognition from Duke Alcibes. The party passed the town of Karbad on the way where they first heard tell of the Land Shark terrorizing the countryside. 

The Land-Shark and a terrified horse.

Upon arrival in Omosa, Sir Gazande had his meeting with the Duke who tasked him with ridding the country of the Land Shark before he would recognize his claim to the title of Lord of Tazir. The adventurers returned to Karbad and had a skirmish with the beast which nearly killed Sir Gazande before it was driven off, diving into the earth as if it was water. 

Raz, Seran, Zeex and Sir Gazande battle the Land-Shark.

That night, a gang of Zombies wandered into town. The party fought them off with the help of Elionea, a local Druid at odds with the Lord of Karbad. She said they had come from a historic battlefield some miles nearby and had been disturbed by the Land Shark. 


Elionea claimed responsibility for unleashing the Land Shark in response to a dam built by Lord Karbad which had ruined a sacred grove, but she did not foresee the Undead being stirred up in its wake.She joined forces with the party to take it down. 

Chapter 4: The Land Shark, Part II