At the southernmost frontier of Zenobia, containing the Jallabad Sea from the Rimward Ocean, is the island of Kamanora. It is a land rocked by eternal conflict and seismic activity and it is most famous for its Phoenix which emerges every 600 years from the Isle of Lakridil at the center of the Maze Archipelago.

Kamanora is also famous for the Firepeak Range, a chain of active volcanoes that stretches for hundreds of miles and effectively divides the land except for the Morabb Pass which is maintained by the Dwarves of Sturdheim, one of the Three Dwarf Kingdoms (along with Thorval and Miirval).

The land is and has been host to many kingdoms over the millennia. It has never known a period when there wasn’t a war. This is the result of the machinations of the Society of Freemerchants, a shadowy cabal sowing the seeds of war and harvesting its profits by monopolizing trade with the Fire Giants of Vogradopolis, their partners in exploitation, exchanging superior weapons and armour for slaves.