The Skyrealms

The realms of Hyracanum are not limited to the ground. High in the sky there may be found Earthbergs, great floating islands of rock, some of which maintain populations. As with the rest of the discworld, north and south are divided by the equatorial Searing Zone, a 400 mile wide band that is scorched daily by the passage of the sun.

In the southern hemidisc, high in the sky above Zenobia are regions populated enough to have political forces at play, such that skyships will fly flags depending on which of the five most influential powers claims control of the vicinity.

The Five Houses

  • Beldazeem – named after the dragonborn king who rules from Cascaveda.
  • Belvery
  • Lagrasso
  • Sebitarn
  • Kuth – the Isle of the Sorcerer-Kings is only a force when united under the Raja Efreet, Pharaoh of Kuth, who returns every 222 years for a stay that usually lasts only a few years.