Episode 11


Big Trouble in Little Gilm, Part One

  • Darius (Human Wizard) – Ted
  • Ranger (Human Ranger) – Paul
  • Rayden (Dragonborn Druid) – Tyler
  • Saria Raven-Star (Human Rogue) – Sarah
  • Scheff (Half-Elf Bard) – Dusty
  • Shuni Gryagur (Half-Orc Barbarian) – Alexia
  • Zabrina (Tiefling Warlock) – Natasha

May 12, 2019

As soon as the adventurers arrived in Gilm, they found Suneel’s manservant, Gomi, in a desperate state to find help for his poor master. A warlock named Hanuba and his Gnoll minions had taken Suneel hostage and were even now taking up residence in the Sarjeetha estate on the edge of town.

Battle with Gnolls

Instead of waiting for the Gnolls to attack the town, as they would undoubtedly do, the party headed off to engage the enemy. They fought some thirty Gnolls in a fight that ended with only Shuni on her feet, covered in blood, facing off against Hanuba.

Sadly, Darius and Gomi were among the dead.

Episode 12: Big Trouble in Little Gilm, Part Two