Episode 11


Big Trouble in Little Gilm, Part One

(May 12, 2019)

No sooner had the adventurers secured rooms at Tybil’s Tavern did they see a familiar face: Gomi, the man-servant of their former employer Suneel Sarjeetha. He implored their help in defeating an Evil warlock, Hanuba, who had gained his master’s trust before taking over the estate and summoning a band of gnolls to take up residence. Gomi had escaped with instructions from his master to beg help of whoever Hanuba was clearly on the run from, and he was only too glad to see it was the same adventurers who had helped Suneel drive out unwanted monsters living there only weeks before.

Not daring to wait a moment for Hanuba’s gnolls to strike first and plunder the town, the heroes made their way to the estate grounds and were soon involved in combat with the very humanoids Gomi had warned them about. Wave after wave of the beastmen, some two dozen in all with hyenas, came upon the party from the direction of the main house, wearing them down one by one until only Shuni was left carving a path of carnage through their remaining ranks and splintering them when she brought down not only the vicious gnoll “Fang of Yeenoghu” but also the pack leader. Sadly, Darius was killed in the action, as was Gomi.

Battle against the gnolls

Breathless and wounded to her very last reserve of strength, Shuni the half-orc barbarian stands drenched in gore, the sole survivor of a battle that has left all her comrades unconscious and Darius dead, with the villain Hanuba still untouched and obviously watching from the manor house, waiting.

Episode 12: Big Trouble in Little Gilm, Part Two