Episode 15


Naga Caves

July 28, 2019

Rayden volunteered to go through the pool’s tiny opening by transforming into a small shark and swimming through a short but narrow tunnel which opened up into a shallow pool at the other end. There he resumed his natural form to stand up and have a look around at the glittering grotto and glowing pools Tharius had described from the day before, but when he heard the same sinister voice asking “who enters?” he immediately transformed and left the way he came.

The party decided to go in through the well instead and Scheff was the first one down the rope, in the hopes that his charisma would be able to win over the creature. At first, he attempted to pass himself off as Hanuba, but the Naga saw right through it and addressed Scheff by his own name, asking in ominous tones why he would lie to a new friend. Scheff immediately switched to total honesty, realizing his mind was being read. He asked for the use of the Naga’s portal to Waibo, and the creature decided to entertain a negotiation.

Shortly after Scheff had been lowered into the cave, Tharius cast a Feather Fall on everyone to drift down while Zabrina spider-climbed down the cave walls. At the same moment that the armed and unannounced adventurers came into view, Scheff offered the immortal gatekeeper a silver candelabra. The combined effect was of such an insult to the Naga that it unleashed its Water Weirds upon the party while working on magic of its own, including summoning a Water Elemental.

Battle of Naga Caves

The heroes put on a brave show of strength but they were ill-matched against the Naga and its minions. Eventually, each of them was overwhelmed by water or by magic until they were all down.  A little later, Tharius alone was roused from a magical sleep by the Naga, who had a sinister mission in mind for the adventurers in exchange for their lives.

Episode 16: The Well of Many Worlds