Episode 19



October 19, 2019

The party began cave-diving by each person taking a turn with Zabrina’s cloak of spider-climbing and passing it back by rope to the next. During this protracted crossing, kobolds appeared in the fissured rock wall shooting arrows. No matter how many were killed, more took their place and the party just had to get through it as fast as they could.

The next cave led to a corkscrew passage winding down like a spiral fracture through the rock to the dragon’s lair: a large cave on the edge of a crevasse with a large pile of treasure waiting for the picking, but no sign of the dragon. Ranger, Saria and Scheff started filling their bag of holding when Razogavaz the Red came crawling up the crevasse in a horrible mood.

Razogavaz the Red comes home to find thieves!

All over the dragon were signs of battle: blood and feathers smeared his scales and the tattered sail of the flying boat was trapped in his claws. Advancing on the interlopers, he dropped a huge jeweled egg into its treasure pile – the egg of the Couatl! Razogavaz had evidently been busy.

Ranger was dispatched first by savage mauling before Razogavaz moved on to Scheff, but Shuni went into her berserk rage, taking the heat off the bard. When the dragon turned on the party and breathed fire on them, only Scheff avoided the flame and only Shuni was able to bear the damage, but she didn’t last long after that and it was only by his quick initiative in casting a Dissonant Whispers spell that Scheff killed the already exhausted dragon.

Red Dragon versus Bard

Not missing a beat, the bard quickly went about stabilizing and restoring his companions but it was too late for Rayden: the dragonborn druid had succumbed to his injuries. In the epic tale the bard would spin out of this encounter, it would be noted that not one but two dragons had died that day.

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