Round 13

Pelifree Pays the Price

January 20, 2024

THE Party

  • Akram (Elf Rogue) – Mark C.
  • Nihl (Dragonborn Monk) – Kasey
  • Rosetta Stone (Human Cleric) – Sarah
  • Villitch Von Velckha (Aasimar Paladin) – Ross

About a day into their travels after leaving the Modrons behind, the party was subject to more of their meddling when Argual vanished and was instantly replaced with Nihl. It would seem the Modrons found the solution to their missing master and were back in action.

That evening, the adventurers found a skyrock to camp on that had an aquaportal pool. It was also home to a flock of Stirges and a Hydra which they had to overcome, but they won the day. Two more days of travel after that brought them to the sighting of Pelifree, marked by long trails of smoke from fires burning all over the skyland.

The party decided to go in high and circle down from above on their magic carpet to get a better look. Everything was wreck and ruin, burning or burned out, and at the heart of the blasted palace where the great hall once stood there was a scene of hellish proportions. A host of demons, led by a four-armed Glabrezu, lorded over a court of ghouls slaughtering the remaining people of Pelifree. At one side of the throne, Meddevin was held in chains and forced to maintain an open portal to the Lower planes. On the other side, his daughter Semoril was chained to a stake, held hostage to force Meddevin to the will of the demons.

Villitch would not be deterred from sending these monsters back to their home plane and the party soon engaged them. With concentrated effort, the heroes quickly destroyed the Glabrezu and the ghouls were summarily dispatched when the Maurezhi demon controlling them was killed. The rest were dealt with and Meddevin was able to seal the portal.

The adventurers soon learned that the whole place had been a bargaining chip in Meddevin’s dealings with the Glabrezu to help him capture and contain the Decadrone leader of the Modrons. When Meddevin failed to fulfill his end of the bargain, he was made to open a portal to the Lower Planes and the spawn of Chaotic Evil simply indulged themselves at the expense of the whole of Pelifree.

Semoril, his Half-Elf daughter and friend of Akram, had been horribly mutilated by the monsters. To render her incapable of any spell-casting of her own, they had cut out her tongue and cut off her hands but kept her alive to torment and bend Meddevin to their will. Now, the once proud and powerful Wizard had nothing left in the world except her.

As the night wore on, the adventurers took stock of the situation, including the accumulated treasure the demons had piled up at Glabrezu’s feet. Some thirty survivors remained who had not yet been sadistically murdered by the demon court but the whole of Pelifree, the town, the palace and the outlying farms and wineries, were totally destroyed in the two days that the demons had run free all over the skyland.

Round 14: Exit Lord Villitch