Round 16

The Party

  • Akram (Elf Rogue) – Mark
  • Nihl (Dragonborn Monk) – Kasey
  • Rosetta Stone (Human Cleric) – Sarah
  • The Dude (Human Fighter) – Jake

Giant Problems

April 21, 2024

As the trio of Akram, Nihl and The Dude rested atop the pyramid, Rosetta re-appeared in their midst with no sense of lost time, the tell-tale sign of Modron interference. The reunited party made for the nearest town, Serim, arriving just as the gates were closing for the night.

The next morning they met Harkin and carried on up the mountain road to reach the mining town of Bariat by sundown. At the Goldmine Tavern and Inn, they were presumed to be dragon-hunters being shown the way to its lair by Harkin and cautioned against such a journey as none every returned from. At dawn the next day, Harkin led the adventurers up the slopes of Mount Zova to his favourite spot for catching Kobolds.

After a couple days of stake-out, the party succeeded in capturing six of them. Harkin was keen to return to the city but the party persuaded him to stay and catch more. At the end of the next day, they were attacked by the Frost Giants Ymurl and Ylgur and their Remorhaz. And then Harkin as well.

The Ranger was in league with the giants and betrayed the party’s trust by launching arrows at The Dude before Nihl could knock him out. The frost worm was slain but when Akram ended up in one of the giant’s bags, the rest decided to withdraw. The Elf barely escaped in time to join the party as Nihl used the Decahedron of the Realms to teleport everyone back to the Goldmine Tavern and Inn.

Round 17: