Round 9

The Party

  • Gilbert Fezziwig (Gnome Artificer) – Mark M.
  • Maran Maraka (Half-Elf Bard) – Mark C.
  • Nihl (Dragonborn Monk) – Kasey
  • Rosetta Stone (Human Cleric) – NPC
  • Villitch Von Velckha (Aasimar Paladin) – Ross

In the Dungeon

August 12, 2023

Standing at the door to the dungeon, the party noticed Zabrina had vanished, replaced by Villitch. The paladin had no recollection of the days he had been missing and there was no clue as to where Zabrina had gone. Regardless, he was brought up to speed on the situation.

The party ventured into the dungeon which turned out to be a labyrinth patrolled by Gelatinous Cubes. When killed, Wraiths would be summoned from a magical portal to the Negative Material Plane found in another chamber. Another chamber yielded a huge ruby which was guarded by a Fire Elemental.

When Nihl tossed a silver coin into the archway to the Negative Material Plane, the party was attacked by four wraiths. Maran was killed and raised as a Specter to turn against his friends. The party defeated the undead and decided to withdraw for a long rest, making their way back to the chimera’s cave as night was falling.

Round 10: A Dungeon and a Dragon