The Edge Campaign

So-called because this campaign took things to the very edge of anything I’d ever done in the game before, this was the first run-through of my new setting Hyracanum. It ran for three years (2002-2005, 3.5 edition rules) and took the adventurers as high as 14th level and as far as one of the moons. It was a lot of fun.

The Players

  • Christine Armstrong – Amandil (elf ranger), Myoneth Ophidia (human sorceress)
  • Kevin Armstrong – Feladrel Chiltine (half-elf rogue)
  • Leo Cheng – Gloriel Fateborn (human fighter), Otar Yoshanwei (human druid), Salah-Addin Yal Atashi (human paladin)
  • Jacob Cheung – Thelwin (elf rogue)
  • Karl Germyn – Marcus London (human paladin)
  • Jeremy Hilts – Xiao Meng-Xi (human sorceress), Damjat Umann (wild dwarf ranger)
  • Lawrence Leung – Goran Attar (dwarf cleric)
  • James Lockhart – Culcullan (human barbarian), Drogo (human wizard)
  • Dave Schroeder – Kilsek (human barbarian), Sheren (human ranger), Kalax Haldra (human cleric)
  • Damon Winters – Sir Talaveen (elf wizard), Aramil Siannodel (elf wizard), Artimus Noble Giant-Slayer (human fighter)

This is the history of the campaign as assembled during the time it was unfolding. We used 3.5 edition rules and I’ve made some refinements to the setting since then, such as getting rid of the eighth moon Thesluna and introducing dragonborn and tiefling races, which come as part of 5th edition rules. Think of this as the playtest version which is 90% relevant to the other campaigns set in Hyracanum.

I have made an effort to credit the artists whose work I used whenever possible.

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