Episode 1


Ill Times at the Silver Lagoon Saloon

  • Darius (Human Wizard) – Ted
  • Leiana (Half-Elf Rogue) – Alexia
  • Leroy Jenkins (Half-Orc Fighter) – Paul
  • Rayden (Dragonborn Druid) – Tyler

October 7, 2018

It was a regular night at the Silver Lagoon Saloon in the city of Verupta when minor demons started spilling out of a guestroom. Darius, Leiana, Leroy and Rayden joined forces and, along with three pirates, they beat the monsters, but more kept coming.

The party joins forces with pirates to fight off Manes demons

The source was a portal to Hell left open by a dead wizard practicing summoning magic in his room. The heroes were able to fight through the demonic pests and seal the portal. In the aftermath, a map was seen sitting on a nearby table.

Episode 2: Warlock’s Quest