Episode 1


Ill Times at the Silver Lagoon Saloon

(October 7th, 2018)

Saraday night at the Silver Lagoon Saloon on the waterfront. Each of our heroes had come there for reasons of their own and were thrown together when lowly Manes demons began emerging from a guest room, attacking patrons. Darius cast a spell before slipping out to find a better angle of attack while Leeroy ordered his retainers to get the bar-tenders to safety amidst the fleeing  patrons. Leiana joined the pirates to fight the monsters as Rayden prepared a molotov cocktail, but when the fight ended before he could toss it, he decided to pull the wick and take a swig.

Then a second wave of the demons came through and the party had to fight them off, with Rayden’s molotov cocktail finally getting use. Once the monsters were dispatched, the heroes investigated the guest room to find an open summoning portal and a dead warlock. Smudging the circle and snuffing the candles to close the portal, the party noticed a treasure map on the side table.

Episode 2: Warlock’s Quest