Episode 2


Warlock’s Quest

(November 11th, 2018)

Intrigued by the commotion at the Silver Lagoon Saloon, passing adventurers Seal the Ranger and Zabrina the Warlock stepped in to see Darius and Rayden standing amidst the aftermath of the fight with Manes demons and then heard more violence coming from a guestroom.

In the room where the portal was snuffed, as soon as a map was spotted on the nightstand, the party and the pirates began fighting over it. Leeroy blocked the door to fight off them off, calling in his loyal mastiff for help which left Leiana to pick over the items of treasure in the dead man’s room. Rayden, incensed that the pirates would attack a dog, joined the fight and took a severe blow, at which point Seal stepped in to join the fight against the pirates with Darius offering magical support.

Meanwhile, a mysterious blonde wench spotted in the bar stepped magically through a wall and emerged as a Succubus in full demonic form to confront Leiana. At first, a charm was attempted on the Rogue, but her half-elven ancestry gave her the advantage and the Succubus was forced to attack. Leiana made a move for the dead man’s silver dagger and discovered its enchanted nature when it struck true into the demon’s ribs.

The pirates were soon eliminated and everyone rushed to the room to help Leiana, who eventually succumbed to wounds. Leeroy dragged her out of harm’s way and handed her over to the care of his retainers while the rest of the group fought the Succubus. After taking considerable damage, the demon disengaged and passed through the wall, apparently fleeing the site of battle. Darius scooped up the dead man’s Driftglobe and the party relocated to the nearby Pearl and Goblet to recover.

After a few rounds of drinks and introductions, the party decided to rest for the night and discuss their options the next morning, but not before Leiana pick-pocketed Rayden of his sapphire. The next day it was more or less decided that everyone would join together to follow up on Zabrina’s quest to find an artifact known as the Serpent Scepter in the Pyramid of Tutumbek, one of the three pyramids noted on the map, located deep in the Zamonile Jungle.

Slipping away on her own to pawn the pilfered gem, Leiana met the Succubus in the street in humanoid form. The demon asked for nothing more than the blue vial which Leiana had stolen from the dead man’s room, but the Rogue defiantly smashed it on the ground and out poured a smoky, shadowy humanoid form with batwings. The Succubus seemed unexpectedly happy with this turn of events and gave Leiana a big kiss on the lips as a thank you – a fiendish kiss which placed Leiana in thrall as the Succubus now had the power to snuff her life at will. With that hanging over Leiana’s head, she left with the Shadow-demon and some ominous parting words.

Later on, the party arranged passage aboard a River Galley that would take them upriver as far as the city of Gazeera in eight days. Another 350 miles beyond that lies their ultimate goal of Waibo, the last noted town on the map close to the Pyramid of Tutumbek. Supplies were bought and preparations made, with Leeroy leaving his retainers to make their own way on foot with Darius’ horse, thus reducing the cost.

The River Galley leaves at dawn.

Episode 3: A Tragic Turn