Episode 3


A Tragic Turn

(December 16th, 2018)

Come the morning, the party made their way to the docks to board the River Galley that would take them upriver to Gazeera in eight days. Before they could board the vessel, however, a gang of crazed cultists demanded the map and were met with arrows from Seal’s bow in response.

The party was outnumbered two-to-one but they managed to fight off the servants of Tsuggoth of the Many Eyes, so identified by the silver Unholy symbol Leiana looted from the body of their leader. Battered but victorious, the adventurers boarded the River Galley and were on their way.

Stopping in the neighbouring town of Elzira for the night, Leeroy was approached by a fellow passenger. Petty noble Suneel Sarjeetha, who was impressed by the battle on the pier, was willing to hire him as a bodyguard on the way to claiming an inheritance, but Leeroy told him he would have to discuss it with his fellow adventurers.

The next day the River Galley set off on a short run to the town of Tambir where they lunched before continuing on toward to Teshivast. However, not all of them would see the next port for a crew of river pirates posing as cloth merchants came aboard to raid the ship.

The river pirates were led by an exceptional pair of masters, one a half-elf bard who attempted to charm Leeroy and the other a tiefling rogue. At first, Darius and Rayden slept through the encounter when the pirates came aboard, but the wizard was eventually roused and joined the battle. Seal held off as many as he could but ultimately fell, as did Leiana and Leeroy and eventually Zabrina.

Pirates boarding the River Galley

At the last minute, Rayden joined the fight in tiger form and turned the tide of battle. Despite an almost lethal sneak attack against Darius by the pirate leader, he and his surviving handful of crew fled in the face of a tiger and they got away. The druid then reverted to true form and attempted healing but it was too late for everyone except Zabrina.

As the River Galley continued on its way, the surviving adventurers, Darius, Rayden and Zabrina, divided the treasures of their departed colleagues, with the treasure map going to Zabrina.

Episode 4: Up the Xanthium River