Episode 10


Escape from the Sewers

(March 24, 2019)

The Spider-Lord may have been slain, but Darius remained poisoned and in the hour it took for his condition to pass, the adventurers looted the nest of the Spider-Lord for treasure which they found in plenty, including the map to the Pyramid of Tutumbek. Other items included a Staff of Fire within a compartment on the monster’s Quiver of Ehlonna, an enchanted shield of Green Dragon scales and a Bag of Holding containing thousands of coins.

Not wishing to linger a moment more than necessary, the party was on the move as soon as they were able. After another hour of trudging through the muck and slime following the main waterway, Saria led them to the exit point where they were met by a black warlock in a red cloak and a rogue with two giant rats. The warlock demanded the maps be turned over to him or the party would be killed but, despite their obviously weakened condition, Zabrina defied him and a fight broke out with more giant rats appearing and the rogue transforming into a wererat to do battle.

Zabrina was immediately knocked out by the enemy warlock’s intense Eldritch Blasts and then her body telekinetically brought to him so he could loot her equipment in search of the maps, all while the rest of the party was engaged in battle with the Rat King and his rodent cohorts. When Shuni fired a crossbow at the warlock he fled, locking the door behind him.

Hanuba (in red) loots Zabrina’s maps while the party fights giant rats and the Rat King

The party barely managed to defeat the Rat King and then forced the door to get out, finding themselves in the laundry room of the Regal Bath House. They were offered a discount rate to get cleaned up and they were back to their normal (though exhausted) selves in time to see dawn come to the city. Finding their way back to the Gargoyle’s Claw, they bought rooms and slept the day away.

Come the evening, they reconvened to discuss their next move and Saria revealed that she knows where to find the warlock, whose name is Hanuba. Apparently, he had hired her to bring the party out of the sewers to the exact point where they fought the Rat King so he could get the maps and in exchange he offered her a thousand gold pieces and a weekend at the estate of his friend Suneel Sarjeetha, in Gilm. Saria was not expecting a double cross and so she joined the party to go after Hanuba for revenge.

The next day the adventurers went shopping for new armour, weapons and equipment, making themselves ready for the canal boat trip north to Gilm on the day after. Arriving by dusk, they got rooms at Tybil’s Taverna and prepared to go after Hanuba.

Episode 11: Big Trouble in Little Gilm, Part One