Episode 14


Night of the Gargoyles

July 21, 2019

Having spent the entire day travelling through desert, the party’s water supplies were depleted and everyone’s throats dry as they stood around a low-walled well some distance from the ornate portico carved into the cliff face before them. Shuni tossed a rock in and heard a splash far below and Tharius volunteered to be lowered on a rope to check it out.

The wizard descended into a cavernous chamber dimly illuminated by three large circular ponds such as the one directly beneath him. All around the floor of the cave were glittering dots which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be hundreds of gold, silver and copper coins scattered everywhere. When he was waist-deep in warm water, Tharius gave the signal to stop, but the pool was 10 feet across and he couldn’t reach the sides. As he dangled there considering his next move, a spooky, disembodied voice asked “Who enters?” and he gave the signal to be pulled up right away.

After hauling Tharius back up, the party decided to toss a few coins of various sort down the well before lowering water skins to refill them and finally quench their burning thirst. Then they made camp for the night, but their watch was interrupted by a gang of gargoyles which emerged from the stone portico of the temple to attack. At first it was just two, then two more joined, but they each fled one by one when they found the party too strong for them. Only one escaped to the safety of the temple from whence they had come.

The next day the adventurers entered the temple and killed the last gargoyle before investigating a large pool of water at the far end of the simple square chamber. The basin appeared to have a small gap at the bottom where the wall stops short, hinting at a possible means of progress.

Episode 15: Naga Caves