Episode 18


In Search of the Red Dragon

October 6, 2019

The party negotiated with the monks for the use of the flying boat to get to the dragon’s lair with Ka-Raa, the leader of the Aarakocra, pleading their case. Amazingly, they agreed, promising to return the next morning. The first of the party’s three day countdown ended with them camping on the skyland rock pool with the Aarakocra roosting in its tree.

Ka-Raa took the opportunity to explain how they revere the Couatl, a feathered flying serpent and guardian spirit who only mates when its demise is near, to ensure an offspring which will carry on its duties. A week ago, the local Couatl courted a mate at about the same time as the drifting earth mote home of a Red Dragon came into the region. The Aarakocra believe that Razogavaz the Red may be the prophesied doom of their Holy Couatl and, if he can be defeated, the Couatl will surely dispense the blessings the heroes need in order to be rid of their enthrallment to Nyarthep.

When asked if the Aarakocra knew of any weapons they might use against the dragon, they said the monks have a sword of dragon slaying which they might be able to borrow. Ka-Raa even flew off to the monastery to make the case. He returned in the morning with the flying boat piloted by Sister Natto, who informed the party that the person intending to use their treasures must make the plea in person.

The adventurers then set off back to the monastery one more time to ask to borrow the suit of dragonscale armour and the dragonslayer sword. Shuni made her case but the Lawful Neutral monks would never agree to loaning their treasures to a Chaotic Neutral barbarian. They would accept the word of a Good-aligned character, however, and Ranger was the only one of the three such party members who could wield the powerful greatsword but he failed to impress the monks enough to give the party anything more than the use of the flying boat to get to the dragon’s lair.

Sister Natto sailed the flying boat loaded with the adventurers for most of the day, following the Aarakocra to the large, mesa-topped cone of rock where they said the dragon made its home. The lower half of the rock was split by a gigantic fissure with caves just beyond a squeeze too tight for the boat to pass through. The birdmen said the dragon flew in and out of here and that it was the roost of hundreds of bats, some of them giants which the dragon’s kobold minions use as mounts when night-flying. Sister Natto refused to sail into the dangerous spot so they went up to the tower on the topside and took the spiral stairs within down into the dungeons with a promise by Sister Natto to return at midnight, secured against all odds by Zabrina’s critical persuasion skills.

In the deserted dungeons, the party faced harassment from kobolds shooting arrows at them and then luring them into traps. Over a dozen kobolds died wearing down the intruders who ultimately found their way to a passage leading out to one of the bat caves they spotted earlier. A rickety gantry along the cave wall lead to the roosts of a dozen giant bats with flying harnesses, saddles and spears which Zabrina tossed over the edge before going spider-climbing along the cave wall to explore the series of caves leading deeper into the bowels of the earth mote. Turning back before going too deep, she disturbed a swarm of bats that almost made her fall into the pond of guano pooled on the cave floor.

The adventurers face the prospect of spelunking their way into the dragon’s lair through the network of bat caves as the second day of their countdown draws to a close.

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