Episode 5


Stately Ruins

  • Darius (Human Wizard) – Ted
  • Ranger (Human Ranger) – Paul
  • Rayden (Dragonborn Druid) – Tyler
  • Scheff (Half-Elf Bard) – Dusty
  • Shuni Gryagur (Half-Orc Barbarian) – Alexia
  • Zabrina (Tiefling Warlock) – Natasha

January 2, 2019

In Gazeera, Zabrina and Scheff were invited to stay with Suneel at the Meddus Hotel while the rest of the party found cheaper accommodations. Scheff so impressed the owner, Clancy Jarl, that he was offered a regular gig as house entertainer.

Zabrina’s research of the treasure map led her to believe there was a map to the Pyramid of Tutumbek in the possession of a “Spider-Lord” beneath the hotel, but, before they could investigate further, Suneel required their escort on his way to claim his inheritance in the village of Gilm.

Trouble at the estate of Suneel Sarjeetha

The place was on the outskirts of town and in a bad state of disrepair with Harpies and a Lamia having taken up residence. The fight to remove them nearly killed the party and, to add insult to injury, Suneel had no money to pay them, having expected to find wealth waiting for him. Instead, he let them have whatever treasure the monsters had.

Suneel’s Golen attacks the party

In the cellar, however, Suneel had a Flesh Golem he was keeping secret. When it was discovered, Ranger attacked it instantly, triggering another fight which ended with the Golem slain and Suneel a ruined man in his ruined estate.

Episode 6: Misadventure Between Adventures