Episode 6


Misadventure Between Adventures

(January 13, 2019)

The party returned to Gazeera, arriving after a day-long trip by canal boat and lodging at the Dragon’s Pearl. The next day was spent shopping and re-supplying as the party prepared for the realm of the Spider-Lord under the Meddus Hotel, where Scheff got a room in exchange for his bravura performances, thus enabling him to sneak around invisibly and thoroughly explore the building while the city slept.

Rayden, sick of the city environment, opted to try camping in the surrounding scrubland and was joined by Zabrina, Shuni and Ranger. In the middle of the night, they were beset by a large pack of Gnolls and were very nearly killed except that one of the archers accidentally hit his pack leader twice with arrows intended for Shuni, enraging the lead Gnoll enough to attack his fellow humanoid. The ensuing confusion gave the heroes the chance they needed to gain the upper hand and barely emerge victorious.

Exhausted by the fight, the foursome trudged back to the city and bargained poorly with the city gate night watchmen who extorted 80gp from them to open the gate. They managed to get back to the Dragon’s Pearl just after Darius (who had opted for a comfortable bed in the city instead) had dismissed Kamala for her suspicious interest in the party’s treasure map.

The next day, Darius generously payed for a breakfast feast for his fellow adventurers and Scheff joined them to hatch their plans for sneaking into the Meddus Hotel after midnight and exploring the catacombs beneath. Shuni took the opportunity to ask for a greater share in the proceeds of their adventures and Zabrina researched more about her Cloak of the Arachnida.

The rest of the day was spent resting and waiting for midnight and, after another rousing performance by Scheff at the Meddus Hotel, he was able to sneak them in at the witching hour when everyone was asleep. Together, they managed to haul aside the heavy iron grate covering the well in the cellar and head down the hundred foot deep shaft via climbing rope.

At the bottom a huge pile of compost and rotting offal sat in the middle of a 30 foot cube-shaped chamber, one side of which opened onto some wide stairs leading down into darkness and the sound of rushing water. The large mass of refuse hid a monstrous Otyugh from sight which made its presence known when it attacked Shuni, setting off an exhausting combat that the party ultimately won.

The Otyugh!

Too tired to climb the rope back to the top, the adventurers elected to take a short rest in the dark, stinking sewer before their next move.

Episode 7: The Catacombs